The Inovo Group helps established companies answer the questions that result in strategic innovations. Our collaborative approach and proven framework give you the process and capabilities to push boundaries, create new opportunities and use technology for differentiation and competitive advantage.


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Innovation Strategy

What are plausible futures and how do we tell their stories? How do we get better at strategic innovation? Which domains should we explore for new opportunities?



Opportunity Creation

What are all the opportunities available to us? How do we choose among them? How should we pursue the chosen ones? How does our company need to adapt?



Knowledge Discovery

Who has unmet needs and desires, what are they, why do they exist? What is possible to design, which technologies matter, what effects can be achieved?


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  • Fall 2014

    For a moment, set aside the frameworks, processes, methods and tools … and let’s focus on the people in innovation. This means all of us. This edition of Innovation Quarterly showcases the people side of innovation: “People: Mindset, Skills, Diversity” was the theme of the 4th annual Inovo Innovation Summit. […]

  • Future Thinking: An Innovative Mindset for Innovative Action

    Innovation requires thinking about the future, and successful innovators have been trying to develop their futuring muscles to envision plausible scenarios for decades. Since the early 1950s, when RAND Corporation developed scenario analysis methods for the military, and the 1970s when Shell first used the scenario planning process for corporate […]

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